» Aliengirl - Dark Matter

Release Date: 2012/09/04

Genre/Style: Darkpsy, Hi Tech

Tracks: 26

Length: 1h 57mins 50secs



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Aliengirls mix production this summer is darkpsy to hitech from 150 bpm up to 200 bpm  it’s traversing the dark side of our psychedelic world.

Her words about the mix and about dark matter are as follows:

"What is dark matter?
Our universe is said to consist of 95% invisible dark matter.
This is matter which does not interact with light and therefore, cannot be seen.
Scientists recently discovered that dark matter is present in our solar system and that in northern summer earth traverses a region with more dark matter than in winter.
I think it's the link to the spirits world, magicians from Mexico are in close contact with these spirits and know them since long time.
We are made out of so called real matter.
But it seems that real matter is nothing but the end state of matter, just before matter annihilates to light again.
It’s a cosmic circle and our visible universe is a insignificant tiny small piece of it.
We dance to enter in contact with the spirit world, we make songs for us and the spirits. When I mix I'm surrounded by 19 dark humans, watching me do and sending me inspiration, happiness and all what I must say, this wasn't me after all!
So I say thank to the darks spirits around me. Maybe they are people and they died some time ago. Maybe they lived in my house. Maybe they were sent to teach me. Maybe.
But they are here, for sure!

When you follow the mix from its begin, the high-speed in the music is a more a high flow!
Maybe it will be hard to enter in the middle of the mix - trained psychonauts will enjoy the jump, house-eggs will splat.
The intro is a from a Swiss psychedelic rock band from the 70ties, Brainticket. The title of this song, "Black sand", led me to the idea for dark matter.
It's like sand on the beach, but black. We are tiny normal sand grains, totally lost in this black sand. And we don't see the black sand, we only see 5% of the beach."


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VA mixed by Aliengirl - Dark Matter 276'190 KB, 26.8.2012

» Playlist

1) Brainticket - Black Sand
2) Phibian Vs Antispin - Dangerstrips
3) Dogma (Aegolius) - Insideout
4) Sick Noise - Soon Or Later (Remix)
5) Zaiklonphobia - Trick Or Trip
6) Killer Machine - In Nature
7) Oxidaksi - Fresh Cobra
8) LIMBO - Nightmare To Be Continued
9) Jyro - Avoid The Void
10) Gamaliel - Utro Na Piknike
11) Mergel - Copernican vm
12) System Crash - Quantum
13) Electrypnose - Dragon's Slayer (Mergel Remix)
14) Bolenath - Extracooked
15) Furious - Shiva
16) Mergel - The Guru
17) Oxidaksi - Finest Collection
18) Zombie Scream - Experiment Type B
19) Oxidaksi - Something Like That
20) System Crash - Don't Forget The Matrix
21) Virtuanoise - The Illusions
22) MetaHuman - Oxi Allo Carvouno
23) Yata Garusu - The Lovers
24) Plaxius - Indigo Patrol
25) Mergel - Only Love
26) Mergel vs OmniPresence - Journey In The Dark

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