» Aliengirl - (Ohms) Gravity Engine

Release Date: 2011/06/20

Genre/Style: Night Psytrance, Fullon

Tracks: 25

Length: 1h 55mins 44secs


» Comments

Ohm Time! Nag Schampas should be smoking and the Chillum should be ready on the dance floor.

The "artists name sloganizer" for this mix brought up the following slogan:
"Painkilling intelligent tunes, wizacked stereopaniced sounds and alienized karmacrops will make your DNA feel ridden."

In deep full on psytrance the mix follows the already known style of Aliengirls mixes, but this time the sequence of the songs evolves more than ever before along the keynotes of the songs. This impacted the style-arrangement of the songs: It's like a journey, picking the auditor up at the psychedelic corner of full on, getting crazier and towards darkness and at the end we're landing again in the psychedelic swinging style.

A special song is definitely the song "The right substance" by Wizack Twizack, remixed by Aliengirl - and in this mix again remixed with Intelligence and Karmacrop.

Mr. Ohm, when he invented the principles of electric resistance ... would he have chosen another symbol than the Greek Omega? He would, if he'd been born in India :-)

» Playlist

1) Painkiller & Chris - Purest Form
2) Intelligence - Dramatic Sequence
3) Wizack Twizack Vs Nevarakka (Art Of Existence) - Paralyzed
4) Orca - Demolition
5) H1N1 - Desintoxication
6) Shadai & T.D.R. - Lori Yagami
7) Mantis - A Devil's Moon
8) Wizack Twizack - The Right Substance (Aliengirl Remix)
9) Karmacrop - Mutants
10) Killer Buds - Our Reality
11) Disorder - Titania
12) Cosmosis and Headroom - High Volume (Cosmosis Mix)
13) B55 - Rojam
14) Rinkadink - Eightsawz
15) Stereopanic - Omega
16) Khopat - Kill the Robot
17) Pragmatics - Mental Reaction
18) Rinkadink - Tranzmachien
19) Psysun vs Ares Psychedelic Energy (Millennium Remix)
20) Stereopanic - Hyperjumper
21) Tryambaka - Red
22) Mole - Bio Control
23) Intelligence - Nightime Programs
24) Ridden - Riding Life
25) Dna - Signal 5


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VA mixed by Aliengirl - (Ohms) Gravity Engine [06/2011] * by Aliengirl

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