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Delta Rose Productions is an organization working on psychedelic art and with psychedelic trance.

It has been founded in 2001 by Gisèle Wendl, living in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.


» Aliengirl overview

Aliengirl started releasing mixes in spring 2007.Since 1980, Gisèle Wendl (aka Aliengirl) worked in different musical projects. The musical styles were punk, psychedelic rock, grunge. After 2000 music production with affordable computers became possible. And after Solipse Festival 2001, in Zambia, Gisèle definetely decided to make psytrance projects. Maybe punk was really dead ;).Then in 2007 - there were many reasons for this - Gisèle started all over, made a big reset on constraints from the past. She decided to share her mixes with the psytrance community. 


New mixes are regularly presented on internet radio www.di.fm.
All the releases are on page "Mixes"

The newest mix - it's progressive psytrance - is called "Spirit Generator" - released in January 2016.